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Where are we going?

Remember the old days?? Remember the OJs?......Ok no I don't but it sounded good when I was singing it. We are trying to remember the old days and use our time constructively to upgrade the system we work on to enhance guest experiences, IF tourism ever gets off the ground again we are hoping to be ready with a few new tricks up our sleeves.

We built a new website www.abracasagoa.com just before lockdown started which some may have seen. However there is much more than that going on here. We have a guest app which now allows guest to receive digital information about their chosen property. Whats so good about that, why don't people just read the handbook? Personally I think i'm the only one that ever reads written material in any property I visit, we have from experience discovered people don't like to waste time with that, they just want to get on boil their noodles in the kettle as its lunchtime! Well to save the poor kettle we have developed the app so that people don't need to scroll through reams of text, they can click a link and watch a video telling you not to boil anything but water in the kettle etc. With any hope people when a bit bored, en route may see some of these handy guides and remember our words as they go to open their packets of maggies and use the stove instead :-) We have done a few 100 of these instruction videos so far and people booking places will get to see them.

Part of the holiday experience is the ride from the airport/train/bus stand. How many people have lost their way? Many of you know that unless your personally know the accommodation or have a good driver known to you/us, you stand absolutely no chance of reaching the place in good time. So for the few that still are brave enough to get out of the airport and 'grab a cab' we have driven the coastal belt and put together a series of videos to help tourists reach their destinations. So take the look (this one is from Calangute to Regal Park). Work in progress we may need to rotate the camera and do some more a little later on but as a first draft they are fun to watch if only to see the landmarks that many of you know and love, or hate. Im sure you can also mute it also if you not a Benny Hill fan lol If you are younger than 45 you may need to Google Benny Hill

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