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Tranquil Goa as it eases out of lockdown

Yesterday we got itchy feet and decided to have a peek out there in the real world. Since lockdown began we have not really ventured out apart from a few essential shopping trips and solitary visits to properties to inspect the state of play going into the monsoon season. So yesterday we blew off the cobwebs and ventured onto the roads. It was lovely and quiet, so quiet that we hardly noticed (well I didn't notice at all) the traffic lights in Candolim! Who is going to be looking up in the sky for those when trying to avoid the dodgem cars on the road? We ended up on Candolim/Sinquerim beach. Beaches attract social gatherings so are still officially no go areas at the moment but as we were clearly just having a stroll down there we took the plunge. The picture shows Goa as a picture postcard setting, noone on the beach just the noise of the naturally roaring sea. I do wish it could stay like this but we all know it cant as we do need to get the economy up and running again. Empty beach scenes like this will probably be a thing of the past soon. A moment to savour.

Have a good day everyone.

Sinquerim/Candolim Beach May 2020
Sinquerim.Candolim beach without people!

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