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Its a soggy start to the day

Heavy rains are now with us which is a good sign that the monsoon is with us or will soon be. The temperature has decreased and life is starting to become all about the plastic....on the roof, over windows and of course our wonderful rain gear that you now can not go out without!

We love the monsoon, we normally say because its quiet however there has been hardly a transition from season to monsoon this year in terms of road users and people out and about due to lockdown. However the dramatic transition from blazing sun to the continuous rain is always welcome. Its nice to finally wave goodbye to the sun for a while (many don't agree lol)

Give us a few weeks we will be fed up of it when our water isn't hot and one of us has slipped on a patch of algae in the garden but for now we are contented :-)

You can see in the videos taken from our house how green and lush it is already after just a few showers, Goa is truly beautiful in the rains.

It is lovely to have a ride around in this weather taking in the view and if time allows we will try and get out and get some footage in different locations to show the monsoon to those of you that has not seen or experienced it.

Suddenly the dogs have more energy which is not good news for me as we have Bob the 9 month old beast of a German Shepherd, its his first real taste of the rains and he seems more energetic than ever. Spot the lab isn't so fussed luckily. If the rain doesn't stop soon the new dog walking poncho will have to be tested. Dotty the village dog is just making her bed in the garage and more than happy.

Enjoy the rains people!

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