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Dabolim Airport, Goa( Airline code : GOI)

Goa Airport
Goa Airport

Dabolim airport is found centrally on the western edge of Goa next to Vasco, which holds the main port of Goa. In 2014 the airport moved to its new integrated terminal building which has replaced the older terminals.

The integrated building design features aesthetic glass, large steel span structures and frameless glazing. The 62,000 square metre terminal will cater to five million passengers annually having 16 aerobridges (eight installed in the first phase). The terminal will also feature an in-line baggage scanning system and will have 72 check-in counters, 22 immigration counters for departures, 18 immigration counters for arrivals, 14 security check booths and 8 customs counters. The check-in counters are placed on the ground floor while the first floor has security check booths. The second floor has the security hold area where passengers may wait before boarding an aircraft.

Many tourists prefer to get a taxi from the airport as soon as they arrive. The latest prices for Airport Taxis please see here.

AbracasaGoa customers should be aware that if they are arriving out of hours they must use a taxi driver we supply as we give the driver the keys and welcome details as we do not respond to calls out of hours.

More information on taxi prices and a map of the station can be found on here